What Would Baby Boomers Buy on the Internet?

In this ever changing world of technology that we live in, the need to shop no longer requires anyone to go to a physical store. When you think you need something, you can jump right online and have it shipped right to your front door. Depending upon how badly you want it, you can receive it in as little as 1 business day. Just like other generations, the Baby Boomers shop online to find convenient and affordable services, products, and gadgets, to aid them in living a simpler life.


Many are not aware that you can jump online and order your weekly groceries! The idea of being able to shop from the comfort of your own home and get exactly what you want shipped to your front door, is surprising for most Boomers. Studies have shown that aside from the elderly and physically impaired, Boomers are amongst the top shoppers for online groceries. They like the ease of being able to stay out of the crowds and get what they want without going over budget.


Long gone are the days where you have to go to a pharmacy and drop off a prescription to pick up medications. As many Boomers need medications for medical conditions, they have taken to the internet to make their purchases. Once they’ve had a visit to the doctor, they can set up a mail order which will have their most commonly used medications shipped to them. The best part about it is that they will ship before your last dose runs out so you never have to worry about missing it.

Banking Products

Known for being the largest consumer group with the most disposable income, Boomers are often looking for the best options for storing their hard earned cash. Banks in particular offer special services for Boomers to help them save and store their money. Boomers are known to open checking accounts, savings accounts, and more from online and save a trip to the banks.


Health insurance, life insurance and car insurance for Boomers is commonly purchased online. The need to keep themselves, their loved ones, and their personal belongings protected keeps insurance products high in demand.

Cell Phones/Electronic Devices

Now Boomers are not the generation that is “too old for technology” many of them have the ability to learn new technology without much of a problem. As a way to keep in touch with their loved ones, Boomers often purchase electronic devices such as tablets, eReaders, and Smartphones.

Whether you’re a Boomer or not you know how convenient the internet is for shopping for products that you need most. There are tons of retailers and companies to choose from which provides more flexibility and better informed decision making. Boomers often look for products that will benefit them and do less impulse buying. As more of the world takes to technology for all of their needs, the Baby Boomer generation hangs on in the shadows and learns to do what they do best (shopping) in this newly modern world we live in.