What Are Services Baby Boomers Would Want?

To simply describe who the Baby Boomer generation is, they are citizens born in the United States during the years 1946 to 1964. While this is the general definition, they can also be broken down a bit further. Those born between 1946 and 1954 are called Leading-edge Boomers and those born between 1955 and 1964 are known as Shadow Boomers. No matter how you slice it, they continue to be the largest generation to date.

What brings all Boomers together from all walks of life is their willingness to purchase merchandise. Since the beginning of the generation, Boomers have led on consumer charts for purchasing the most products and services. Businesses quickly realized the endless possibilities that stem from such a larger generation.

As you can clearly see from the description above, Boomers are either newly retired or on their way to retiring. In either case, they are going to want specific services such as those listed below;

Affordable Traveling Services
Now that they’ve paid their debt to society and have worked for 20-30 years, most Boomers like to take this time in their life to explore the unknown. However, for those in retirement, living on a fixed budget can easily make it hard to travel. Many Boomers seek opportunities to find affordable travelling services that cater to the Boomer communities. Such services provide them with luxury traveling options at prices they can easily afford.
Financial Advisory Services
As Boomers get older, they begin to think about their families and how they will be protected as time goes on. Many Boomers look for financial advisory services to help them get and keep their finances in order. Services that might be offered could consist of Last Will and Testament preparations, retirement planning and savings options, and life insurance policies.
Health and Fitness Services
The older a person gets, the more in tune they are with their body and health. Boomers are often seeking opportunities to learn more about eating right and taking care of their bodies. Dieting, exercising and monitoring their health become a top priority for many Boomers. Services under this category might include nutritionists, yoga classes, and fitness classes that will benefit them in the long run.
Services for Aging Parents
Now boomers in most cases are able bodied enough to care for themselves and do not require much assistance. However, Boomers are usually left the responsibility of caring for their aging parents. Sometimes the responsibility of caring for themselves and caring for their parents can be too much to handle, and thus they begin looking for services to help. Services in this category include senior daycare, in home care nurses, nursing homes, and other senior facilities that offer assistance.
As one of the largest consumer groups in the US, Boomers continue to look for services that will help make their lives much easier to manage. Some are experiencing retirement for the first time and need help learning how to live on a fixed income, while others are not quite there and simply looking for services that will help them be ready. Of course there are a lot more services that Baby Boomers look for, but those listed above are amongst the top.