Do you ever wonder where the baby boomers are now?

For the benefit of the youth who belongs to the New Generation of the Twentieth Century, one is considered a Baby Boomer when born between the years 1946 to 1964.

During those years, there was a tremendous increase in birth rates because of the economic affluence being enjoyed in a lot of countries around the globe after the World War II. The term Baby Boomer was also extensively used to mean the culture and population of Americans in particular.

The generation of the Baby Boomers is just different from any other generation ahead or next to them. They have created many major impacts in the lives of man, may it be in politics, industries, culture, arts and academics.

The Baby Boomers seemed to have worked much longer and harder to the extent of putting off the idea of marriage and having children was at the bottom of their priorities.

At the present, the Baby Boomers are in their early fifties and sixties. And they show no sign of stopping. They just continue to make waves and changes in everything they do. Facts and statistics showed that Baby Boomers will continue to stay much longer in the workforce than any preceding generations.

They were raised during the period when after getting the degree for a chosen career, getting employed for that profession is not far behind. They might be retiring in a few years or so, but it will not mean that they will stop working or contributing their knowledge and expertise.

More often than not, they might just make a transition to other careers such as teaching and civic volunteer jobs. Shifting to a new career is not uncommon especially if the focus is not anymore to earn money for a living but just to stay abreast with society and at the same time having fun with what they are doing.

The Baby Boomers will surely make use of their experience, talent and energy in reconstructing their communities, reinventing themselves for the purpose, and recharging their civic way of life.

During this new phase of their lives, where retirement is viewed as having sickness and declining health, their life will be redefined anew with a purpose while having leisure, freedom, and away from the pressures of work and family.

Aside from the possibility of redirecting their lives, Baby Boomers are now the prospective clienteles of real state agents. Social innovators, real state developers, architects and planners are now busy preparing community and housing designs for Baby Boomers who will be retiring five (5) to ten (10) years from now.

The wide competition in the real state market these days brought certain advantages to would-be retiring Baby Boomers. The wide selection of where to go and how to spend their hard-earned extra cash will offer numerous opportunities and benefits.

One of the alternatives for Baby Boomers is if they would want to stay in a traditional type of neighborhood with the local town centers, a wide selection of transport services including walkable track and streets, and a housing environment of all sizes and shapes to put up with any type and number of families.

The question of where will the Baby Boomers go or where will they spend their retirement period is a critical challenge to the present generation. As they come of old age, they would still want to feel wanted and useful to society and not just be the aging burden of government social services.

Aging baby boomers are definitely here to stay. They can be found in top posts in the government and private institutions. They may be advancing their age, but they still certainly have a tight grasp in the socio-economic and political aspects in our country and the world. They are movers and shakers that can still make changes as they did in their youth.

There will come a time when the baby boomers numbers will greatly decline and a number of them may be in retirement homes or at their own homes resting. By then, the ruling American generation will be their successors and they will surely feel the decline brought by the retiring baby boomers.